Federal Benefits Info:  Social Security Administration

If you are insured by Social Security when you die, no matter what your age, you are entitled to the following benefits:

Monthly survivor benefits are payable to:

  • Your surviving spouse at age 60 or over (50 if disabled); or at any age if caring for your child (under 16 or disabled) who is entitled to benefits
  • Your unmarried children under 18 (19 if still in high school) and those 18 or over who became disabled before age 22 and remain disabled;
  •  Your dependent parents age 62 or older;
  •  Your surviving divorced spouse (1) at age 60 or over (50 if disabled) who was married to you for 10 years and who is not eligible for an equal or higher personal benefit or (2) at any age if caring for a child (under 16 or disabled) who is entitled to benefits on your record.
  • Monthly payments to you and your dependents regardless of your age, if you become so severely disabled that you cannot do any substantial work.
  • Monthly retirement benefits which are in addition to any military retirement benefits received. Neither is offset because of the other. You can begin Social Security retirement as early as age 62. Your spouse, children, former spouse and dependent parents may also be entitled to retirement benefits based on your wage credits. After you reach 70 you can earn any amount and still draw full social security retirement benefits. If you are under age 70, some or all of retirement benefits may be withheld depending on your earned income. For this reason you should consider delaying starting your retirement benefits to minimize the withhold and maximize the monthly income multiple.
  • A lump sum benefit of $255 is payable towards funeral expenses provided there is a surviving spouse living with you at the time of death or, if no spouse, payment may be made to children who are eligible for monthly benefits.
  • Medical Care (MEDICARE) for individuals 65 years of age and older which offers basic protection against the costs of hospital and related care, plus a voluntary supplementary program (MEDICARE Part B) covering the costs of doctor's services and other items and services not covered under the basic program.

You may contact the Social Security office for information about MEDICARE or any of the above benefits. Call toll free 1-800-772-1213 for Social Security information or online at www.socialsecurity.gov.