Membership Benefits

What Do You Receive from Navy Mutual?

  •     Financial protection planning services.
  •     Free Military Survivor Benefits Education Presentations
  •     Beneficiary service and support.  Your survivors receive the counseling and claims assistance they need to get the survivor benefits your service earned for them.
  •     Representation to the Department of Veterans Affairs.  As a chartered Veteran Service Organization, Navy Mutual is uniquely poised to provide you  with the assistance you need to get the survivor benefits you deserve.
  •     Free secure vault storage of valuable documents for members.

Benefits from Navy Mutual Membership - Why we are different. 

  •     No war clauses for those on active duty - It does not matter where you serve - we have you covered.
  •     No military service restrictions for those on active duty - Most life insurance providers charge extra, if they cover you at all, to cover hazardous duty, aviation, or terrorism clauses.  We do not. 
  •     Maximum coverage available - Navy Mutual allows you to purchase our maximum amount of life insurance (currently up to $1 million), regardless of where you are now or where you are going.
  •     No sales fees or commissions - We are not a commercial life insurance company, this means lower costs for you as we have no agents or shareholders.
  •     Your policy stays with you - Unlike SGLI, your Navy Mutual policy belongs to you. It stays with you as you transition from the military, providing you an inexpensive alternative to VGLI.
  •     Expedited application process for those getting ready to deploy - We provide expedited processing of applications for those preparing to deploy. Get your plan in place in just a few days.
  •     Convenient application on the web - We offer an easy way for military members to get their coverage in place by applying on-line. We regularly get applications from all over the world, including war zones.

Contact a Membership Representative to see how you and your family will be protected with Navy Mutual.