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At Navy Mutual, we work hard every day to deliver our members the service they deserve, and we are humbled by their feedback. You can see and hear their stories in our members' own words...


“There’s an absolute correlation between national security and financial security. Whether it’s your personal being, family’s being, or financial stability…I want to be able to give my children and grandchildren the most of my inheritance that’s possible and Navy Mutual is providing that for us.”
– George Naccara, USCG, Ret.

“When I went into the Navy Mutual office a week after [my husband passed away], it was a complete surprise to me...they already knew the reason I was there. I walked into nothing but love. It was a like a family.”
– Tangie Phair, USMC, Ret.

“The thing about Navy Mutual is they’re nonprofit. You don’t have these guys working on commission, trying to get a quick sale. I think you’ll find their rates are some of the lowest in the industry. I know that from experience shopping around.”
– John Day, USN, Ret.

“I’m proud that part of the legacy of my service continues to protect my family today. All five of my grandchildren are insured through Navy Mutual.”
– Bob Far, USN, Ret.

“At the time I took out my Navy Mutual insurance policy, I also took out a policy with another firm. That firm and the subsequent companies that bought them have been horrible. In contrast, Navy Mutual has been steady as a rock. It is much appreciated.”
– Billy Bendit, USN, Ret.

“When I started shopping around for life insurance, Navy Mutual offered the best rates and they also did not have any war clause. That made them extremely attractive to me. Being in the military, I think it's important to be fully insured under any set of circumstances.” 
– Kirk Engel, USN, Ret.